Wednesday, December 17, 2008

AnDrea's final novel of the Tetralogi of Laskar Pelangi

well, gatot lent this book to tongki...

i read it last weekend and my impressions were: boring, garing, anti climax... far --totally far-- from what i've expected before!
bagus g cm baru minjem, ga smpe beli ndiri... brasa rugi hehehehe

Note: ga da lagi halaman2 yang bikin senyum,ktawa,nangis,mendem aer mata,ktawa lagi, nangis lagi, senyum lagi n nahan aer mata over and over and over again gitu lagi... yang ada, slama baca g mikir: HEI, g lagi mo dibawa kmana ma andrea? dibawa k pjuangan garing a'la punjabi u/ nyari aling???
HELLLOOO, what happen to all the inspirations?

Friday, November 28, 2008

my personality colour

did this personality test from fb and that is what my personality color looks like :-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

let's sing!!!!

Got this lyric from Trishia...

Note: sing it with Santa Clause is Coming To Town"'s tune yaaaa :-)

You`d better watch out
You`d better not cry
You`d better keep cash
I`m telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

It`s hitting you once,
It`s hitting you twice
It doesn`t care if you`ve been careful and wise
Recession is coming to town

It`s worthless if you`ve got shares
It`s worthless if you`ve got bonds
It`s safe when you`ve got cash in hand
So keep cash for goodness sake, HEY

You`d better watch out
You`d better not cry
You`d better keep cash
I`m telling you why:
Recession is coming to town!

Finance products are confusing
Finance products are so vague
The banks make you bear the cost of risk
So keep out for goodness sake, OH

You`d better watch out
You`d better not cry
You`d better keep cash
I`m telling you why:
Recession is coming to town

Thursday, November 20, 2008

J'taime JE!!!!!

setting: wednesday after office hour
event: 40days Yoland's dad

listening to yoland's testimony on how she n her siblings cope with what YOU've decided to do to the family made me see the greatness of Your work that i (we) sometimes cant understand...

on the way back home, right through the rain, i didnt feel cold at all. though i was soaked wet, i felt surprisingly warm. warm as the fact that YOU are a great provider, Je... warm as i knew (and still know) at that very moment that I've surrendered myself to the right Person.

thank You for being faithful, Je...

I'm Yours. PERIOD.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

IKAL!!!!! bukan KRIBO :-O

kata2 'kribo' belakangan sering kluar dr JG.


man, g ga kribo... g IKAL!!!!! :-)

setting: bangun tidur -- pagi2 -- suatu kamar
supporting character: *****
photographer: *****
mood: all that
and yang paling penting: my hair is QUITE FAR from KRIBO, ghin!!!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

another translation project

a couple of days ago, mr.Zenko sent messages telling me that he had sent some emails for another translation projects.

My response was: YIHAAA!!!!!


see, i was n am in a huge need of some additional projects just for the sake for increasing my account (DUH??!!!). well, not like i'm bankrupt or in short at all... i have enough, actually.

it just that i am so enthusiastic to prepare things for going back to lombok and build this vision of educational youth centre. lots of things seem to be Your ways to burn more fire in my already burnt heart to go.

well, while typing the file i listened to this PlanetShaker song called sent me,

nuff said :-)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kita Tak Menari Bersama Lagi


hari ini, tariannya mganggu tarianku...
gerakan barunya mbuatku lakukan gerakan menjauh...
dia mengikuti alunan lagu yang tak seirama denganku...
dan aku biarkan dia menari tak lagi denganku


kucoba mengerti irama langkah kakinya...
dengan kaku aku sesaat mampu mengimbanginya...
sudah saatnya aku benar benar BIARKAN DIA MENARI TANPAKU

Saturday, October 25, 2008

UPdates... so far

ME: on the run... so far :-)

dah 2 pagi ini g bangun lagi with a smile on my face... a smile as i'm loved by Your unconditional love, Je... Je, thanks for Ur ur present, fire, n annointing. thank u for Ur voice in my heart, head, n soul. thank u for sharpening the big picture of what i'm doing at the moment, for letting me see those children i see n meet 9/5 at office, for helping me see them the way u do...


efek samping habis baca buku ini adalah: g brasa jenuh dengan monolog... g butuh dialog... dialog2 uplifting yang bisa buat g lihat hidup dengan lebih cerdas...

suasana kantor lagi panas... satu pagi on the way k kantor, pas lagi di fly over sunter, kpala g tiba2 memikirkan suatu tema kotbah ttng playanan bibir. playanan kata2. on that moment g mo jadi orang yang memadamkan bukan mengkompori...

banyak asumsi2 yang tercipta diantara kita dikantor n asumsi2 itu ga (tepatnya BELOM) dibicarakan... jadi gitu d, omongan2 ga membangun dan bernada negatif sering tercipta.

see, g brasanya bnyak ketidaksukaan dan ktidakpuasan yang tidak tersalurkan dari atas k bawah, dan gitu jg sbaliknya, dari bawah k atas. hasilny, bnyak orang yang pake topeng dikantor n it makes me feel uncomfortable lately...

g bdoa biar cepet rekonsiliasi, pemberesan, or whatever the name is so the spirit of unity is there again :-)

dipinjemin ms.rosa.

skali lagi, g disuguhi kata2 cerdas andrea yang bikin g melakukan perjalanan bersama seorang ikal dan arai... bersama mereka berdua, ditiap kata, kalimat, paragraph, dan bab khidupan mereka mnjalani pendidikan dengan keajaiban2 Ilahi, g juga bermimpi... bermimpi tntang suatu tmpat bernama GERUNG :-) You know what i mean, right, JE??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

g mau dialog, ghin... bukan monolog...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

FSNGJ (FridaySaturdayNiteGaJelas)


setting: ruang tunggu lantai dua RS.Mitra Keluarga Gading after office hour

Main characters: the owner of 021-9890**** & Anastneeta

Supporting characters: Yoland, Erwin, ,Ocha, Joseph, Renoy, Makmur, William, Deska, Echi, Depot, and others from Yoland's relatives


*** nomor esia yang sudah lama ga pnah muncul baik di inbox/call register tiba2 muncul...

*** (sharusnya ga g angkat) tp g angkat n mulai dibeberkanlah fakta bahwa the owner of 021-9890**** sedang akan menghabiskan akhir pekannya di kemayoran untuk sbuah liputan race...

*** sebuah kram otak dimulai sjak pmbicaraan ditelepon usai!!!!!


setting: KTC- TIM21 n TIM's terrace until 3 a.m

main characters: Anastneeta & JG

*** watched (again) LP...
*** spent hours just talk bout irrational n unimportant stuff just for the sake of killing the nite...

Note: i'm THankful that he spent the nite with me... thanks for being my safety net that helps me not to make something i know i will regret!!!

to JG:
g blm bilang lo, tp kata2 lo senada ma kata2 nandis siang sebelumnya... walopun di konteks yang beda--nandis bicara ttng konteks relationship, n lo komentarin lirik teks lagu Mr. Brightside... tentang "PAY THE PRICE"... I need to pay the price to get my life back into the right track again!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ode to all my fav. hats

this light cappochinoish hat had been with me for years...i used to take it everytime n everywhere i travelled around... it had covered n added a more hip-hop look. i lost it in koal, though.

got this black hat in a vintage market in melbourne. see, it perfectly matched my activities as a face n body painter.

see the one with that too-tiny hat over there??? it's me with that blue hat :-) well, muzz gave this too-little-blue hat while we were doing daytrips back and forth to the suburb of melbourne. it's too small, actually, yet, to respect his kind attitude, i wore it just only in this event :-)

this week --stahun yang lalu

setting: last year

characters: stella--evan--me

plots: BANCI BAZAR++

photos taken @ artha gading 1st floor...

ode to "the plastic flat shoes" i once loved so much...

this pair of shoes was bought months ago in itc while i was going to meet DC there. they were so comfy that i almost wore them everywhere i go. even to enopi :-)

i dug them for their practical mode in almost every situations. i still could wear them through the annoying muddy sunter's streets :-P

well, they've just got useless 3months ago and were replaced by a pair of noche's and yongki's.

eniwei, i've been seeing mbak Narti (the OG in my office) wearing them. i've been asking her to get one pair for me, yet, it seems like they are not around in any stores now.

Monday, August 18, 2008

vintage n flea market shopping moment

setting: rencananya metro pasar baru -- ganti jadi senen
supporting character: poca

foto2nya nyusul y... belom sempet dipindahin k usb :-)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

belanja smbil brutal makan :-) @ kemang festival

crunches from festival kemang

kamera g ktinggalan di rumah, fortunately, heru bw kamera yang judulnya "kamera nyokap"

well, here r some crunches left from hunting barang + makanan @ fest.kemang...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

countdown to 12 aug...

baru ngeh (bener2 NGEH) kl skarang dah masuk agustus.

ga tau knapa, swaktu lagi ngetik2 di leptop, g tertarik u/ mnarik keluar satu buku kecil dari tumpukan buku2 di sbelah kiri meja hanya untuk menemukan satu puisi yang g buat 4 tahun lalu....

hari ini, sblum ngantor, stelah g baca2 lagi puisi 4 thun lalu itu, g baru NGEH lagi kalo ini puisi ditulis tepat tanggal 5 agustus 4 thun lalu... tepat sminggu sbelom 12 aug :-)

puisi ini jadi sperti pnyambung g yg skarang n g yg dulu. jadi pemotivator jg bhw g dah harus banting setir dari track yg g kekeh lewatin sampai saat ini...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

statement of the day

seorang india yang g tmui tadi mengeluarkan satu statement yang cukup mbuat kpala g yang tadinya dalam mode gelisah dan quilty mnjadi berada dalam mode mrenung dan berpikir.

he simply said: "orang yang lagi dalam keadaan kecewa dan pait cenderung mencoba mngobati kkecewaan dan kpahitannya dengan *blank blank blank blank*"

statement yang ga lazim.

slama ini paradigma g adalah: orang yg kecewa dan pait cenderung melihat smuanya dngan kacamata negatif...

skarang si india ini menambah satu lagi perbendaharaan definisi di kotak file kepala g untuk label kata "kecewa"

dipikir2, statement ini cukup menjelaskan beberapa hal blakangan ini.

statement ini cukup menjelaskan bahwa nomatter what, I NEED TO RELEASE FORGIVENESS N NEED TO GO ON...

*kerutin jidat*

Friday, July 18, 2008

18.07.2008 - FriDAY-

those who were in my station today (who made my already melting brain leaked more): ian, jayson,chris, patricia, and jason.

couldn't help but felt a little dehydrated (physically n spiritually. see, those little kids getting together in my station EQUALS headache n shout outs!!!!

on my way back here, while driving, i kept on thinking:

"what the heck is going on???"

"how can i hate (with big capital H, mind u) this thing that once i loved so much???"

"sjak kapan apa yg dulu g anggep blessing brubah jadi nightmare stiap pagi n musibah??"

"sjak kapan g mulai melihat apa yang g lakuin cuma sbatas jadi tmpat pencarian n pengumpulan rupiah n pnambahan rekening stiap bulan dan ga lagi sbagai tmpat pembelajaran g as a better educator??"

"kmana idealisme u/ mbentuk better generation?"

"kalo aja nandis tau bhwa alesan g nunda2 ke lombok mulai jadi alesan n xcuse yg bahkan g sendiri mulai ga percayai lagi!!!"

jawabannya, slalu mengarah ke satu hal yang g sdah tau dari dulu.

*******sejak g jadi "brengsek"*******

yup, sikap hati n motivasi g jadi bergeser sejak g jadi "brengsek".

kebrengsekan g lately:
1. ignore this hungry desire inside to get intimate with U
2. nabrak stiap warning2 yg g tau ga boleh g lakuin... bhkan stelah g berusaha u/ taat, blakangan (until now) g malah akhirnya mnyesali apa yang g dah putuskan. see, i'm a jerk!!! cant i just be consitent???!!!!!
3. failed to see the big picture


let me be better next week, Je..


Monday, July 14, 2008


In the morning

a student (a 2nd grader boy): *mengkerutkan kening* miss, i dont want you talk in that language again.

me : *srut srut ingus* what? what language?

the boy : that language. coughing. it's not polite!!

me : *senyum smbil nahan aluran keluar ingus* it's not impolite. it's called sick. and it means u r a human. now, go on with ur booklets, please!

late in the evening
a student called jetro: miss, are you sick?
me : *masih nahan ingus dan kpala yang mulai bdenyut2* yup, i am. so, becareful jehtro, this place it totally contaminated with viruses :-)

see, di lantai 2 enopi hari ini, 3 instructor (ms. Rosa, chandra, n me) kena flu n batuk akut. g mmutuskan u/ mengistirahatkan kubeni di garasi as i wasnt sure to drive it with this annoying headache this morning. di lantai 1, 2 orang kena virus yang sama. phhheeewwww, so many coughing n sruuuttt sruttt in enopi today...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

G Blajar...

weekend ini g blajar satu hal usang yg dulu pnah g plajari dengan orang2 berbeda diwaktu bbeda dan skarang spertinya harus g plajari lagi.

g spertinya harus mulai blajar u/ membiasakan diri u/ tidak mndengarkan ringtone default nomor esia lo.

well, disela2 aktivitas g, dtngah keinsomniaan g, g sudah terlalu terbiasa u/ dicari dan di'ganggu'lo. terlalu terbiasa juga u/ mcari n m'ganggu' lo cuma u/ saling mbeberkan stumpuk hal2 ga penting.

well, ke'ciong'an lo n g jadi smakin kentel dan spertinya susah larut cair lagi y...

dimulai dari knyamanan dan rasa aman yang berubah mjadi asumsi dan kebetean. bukan cuma dari g, tp jg dari lo.

kebetean g mdengar (ini asumsi g) kepura2an dan kehati2an lo...

kebetean lo mdengar judgement2 g ke lo berdasarkan my past bad experinces yg g (secara sadar)timpakan k lo.

akumulasi dari asumsi2 dan kbetean yg hampir2 ga pernah terkomunikasikan buat kita asing.

we are strangers again.

suddenly, we've become two persons (labeled as brother and sister) who've got stucked in an ignorant zone :-)

euphoria sudah lama beranjak, ghin :-)

Monday, July 07, 2008

last week

updates of the week:
* wawa is in the town!!! bw 3 babydoll batik, 1 tas batik, 1 syal, n 7 kotak ayam khas jogja titipan tongkee.

* dad's health nge-drop. well, rasa takut khilangan itu ada lagi. still, i'm not ready to let go.

* dah smingguan ga hang out ma anak2. sibuk ndiri2. tiba2 we just bcome strangers.

* nonton creative art festival di kmayoran. pas acara mo mulai, sbuah nomor im3 meng-SMS "g lagi bw mobil, g jemput y" g reply: "g lg di konser... next time j d" diam2 g bersyukur g pnya alesan konkrit u/ menghindar :-)

* enopi sepi... sering pulang cepet. n kamis kmaren stelah batal mo nonton bareng. kita berakhir di sandwich bakar lapiz.

* lately g muak ma bahasa2 basa basi. can't people just say what they REALLY want to say????!!!!!!!!

hhhmmmmmmm *kening bkerut*

rapuh. TITIK

Saturday, June 21, 2008

29-me Today

The Gift of 24 Hours...
Suppose, neck deep in a tough day, you resolve to give it a chance. You choose not to drink, work, or worry it away. Instead, you decide to give it a fair shake. You trust more. Stress less. Amplify gratitude. Mute complaints. Before long the day is done and surprisingly decent.

So decent, in fact, that you resolve to give the next day the same fighting chance. Despite hang-ups and bang-ups, giving the day a chance works! You do the same the next day, and the next. Days become a week. Weeks become months. Months become years of good days.

I have one goal in this book: to help you have a good day every day. After all, doesn’t every day deserve a chance to be a good one?

Max Lucado

"i'm walking to the 29ish zone with U :-) giving everyday a chance for U to reveal Urself more n more... J'Taime!!!!"